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How Often for an Oil Change?

Don’t take your German to just any drive-though lube and filter service. Your car takes a specific kind of oil. While it’s a regular service, you don’t have to get it done quite as often as other cars do. It’s recommended you get intermediate oil service once every 7,500 miles using synthetic oils featuring chemical compounds that eliminate harmful contaminants. Using synthetic oils guards against buildup, affording you longer mileage in between regular oil changes and ensuring a longer vehicular life.

An oil change is one of the easiest, cost effective and inexpensive ways you can prolong the life of your BMW, particularly the engine — the heart of your car. Our technicians have an extensive checklist to go through every time you come in for an oil change. In addition to the oil and filter change itself, we will perform visual inspections of:

  • Engine air filter

  • Coolant/antifreeze

  • Brake fluid

  • Power steering fluid

  • Automatic transmission fluid

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